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Assignments Guidelines Dredging

  • Docks are to be a maximum of 22 feet long and no more than 36 inches wide. The dock will extend no further than 28 feet from the adjacent river bank into the river. These dimensions are to be followed for all new docks. New docks put into the river, which do not adhere to these specifications will have to be removed by the member. The Ministry of the Environment has approved these guidelines in our agreement for use of the water lots. If there are any questions please call your Harbour Master.

  • Pine River Boat Club affirms the policy that the maximum practical size for a boat docked in the Pine River Boat Club should be twenty four (24) feet by eight point five (8.5) feet.

  • Stakes put in by the Harbour Masters will be adhered to. Make sure the stake is in the middle of your dock and put the dock straight into the river so the distance between them is constant. Your dock may not be in the same position as it was last year.

  • Please put your name on your dock.

  • Please inform your Harbour Master if your dock installation will be delayed or if you will not be putting in a dock this year. We need docking space.

  • We are a private boat club. Members are responsible for collecting fees and making all arrangements for friends and relatives using their dock. The charge is $20.00 per day for a maximum of three days a year per request. The member is responsible for entry, exit and damages, etc. and for collecting fees and forwarding them to the Treasurer.

  • All Docks and hardware need to be removed from the river by the October Thanksgiving Day weekend each year and stored in the North side parking lot area, the cement pad on the South side, or taken back to the owners residence. Docks not removed by this date will be removed and the owners responsible for any associated fees.
May 26, 2021