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Pine River Boat Club
General Spring Meeting Minutes
Sunday May 23, 2004
Clubhouse, Lurgan Beach

Attendance: 23 members

1) Call to order 10:33 am

2) Commodore Richard Heath in the chair

3) Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting.
The Secretary read the minutes of the previous general meeting. In addition the minutes of the two previous executive meetings were read for information.. The Secretary announced that share certificates earned as of September 2003 were available from the Secretary.

Be it Resolved That the minutes of August 31, 2003 General Meeting be approved.
Moved Gordon Cale Seconded Renzo Marcone Carried

4) Treasurers Report: The Treasurer read a report of the current financial status and provided copies to members present. As of May 20, 2004 ... see Treasurer for details

Be it Resolved That the Treasure’s Report be approved.
Moved Liliane Nolan Seconded Scott Montgomery Carried

5) Offices’ Reports:

a) Vice Commodore:
Paul reported on the progress he has made with crafting a Mission Statement . He restated an explanation of the purpose and value of a Mission Statement and requested input from members. He will bring a statement to the Fall meeting for consideration.
Paul introduced new members present to the meeting and welcomed them to the club.

b) Rear Commodore: Progress

c) Fleet Captain:
Dave asked the members present to fill out a questionnaire dealing with amongst other issues the level of interest in a fish cleaning station. Dave discussed issues relating to the organization of the Corn roast and BBQ.

d) Harbour Masters’:
The Harbour Masters will be speaking to members with floating docks to ensure that the docks do not create a hazard.
There are spaces on the South Side but the North is full. Members were urged to see that they have put their name on their docks. At this time the range lights are not functioning but will be shortly. The South ram dock needs work and members were asked not to walk on it.

6) Other Business: Discussion ranged over several related issues.
Clean Up Day. An update was given on Township plans for cleaning up the beach.

Environment Committee: Herb Millard was acknowledged as our environmental committee representative. He will be working with Dave Hyman who represents the Point Clark Beach Association on the Township committee. Dave addressed several environmental issues dealing with water quality and testing. A member raised a concern with an issue of standing water at Bruce Beach.

Relations with Neighbours: Herb Millard raised the need to maintain a positive relationship with the club’s neighbours. He suggested that a single person be given the responsibility of being the contact person. It was felt that was the responsibility of the Harbour Masters. Paul Proudfoot suggested the matter be referred to the Directors.

Motion arising from the Report of the Harbour Masters.

Be it Resolved That the club purchase an extension ladder for access to the South side range lights.
Moved Howard Madill Seconded Herb Millard Carried Action Howard Madill

7) Adjournment

Be it Resolved That the meeting adjourn.
Moved Paul Proudfoot Seconded Crawford Heritage Carried

The meeting terminated at 11:20 a.m.
Gordon Cale, Secretary