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Pine River Boat Club

Director Meeting 
10:30 AM
August 4, 2007
At the Clubhouse

Attendance, Paul Buttinger, Gordon Cale, Tim Johnston, Renzo Marcone, Peter Palubiski, Paul Proudfoot, John Wood

Regrets: Barry Cress, Richard Heath, Dave Hyman, Liliane Nolan, Dan Sevcik,

Call to Order 10:35, Tim Johnston in the chair

Commodoreís Remarks: Tim thanked those who had helped when the Sieches resulted in 5 docks turning over. He noted that there was apparently a continued need to remind members of proper mooring techniques. He also noted that he had received a complaint about the sludge.

Minutes: Draft minutes of the April 29th meeting have been distributed by email but were not available to be approved.

Treasurerís report: not available

Sludge in the River and at the Mouth.: A wide ranging discussion took place about the existence of a sludge build up at the river mouth. The idea of using an appropriate sized pump to move the sludge from the water was considered the best option.

It was agreed by consensus that when Gord appeared before Huron-Kinloss Council as a resident that he also forward a request to Council on behalf of the club. Gord was asked to request the Council to assist through their public works department the removal of the sludge at the river mouth.

Vice Commodore: No report.

Rear Commodore: A meeting with a representative of Hydro One, a local electrical contractor and 4 Directors took place to consider how best to power the range lights without inconveniencing our neighbours. Hydro One and the electrical contractor were of the opinion the trying to provide a separate service was going to be extremely difficult and costly. They recommended using solar and provided a local contact that they suggested could provide the necessary installation. The Rear Commodore was asked to go ahead to arrange for a solar source for the range lights and to receive final permission by identifying the cost, materials and schedule by email to the executive. Action Rear Commodore

There have been positive comments about the new signs. The channel display sign at the north entrance needs maintenance.

Fleet Captain: John expressed his thanks for the help at the party August 3. There was a good crowd and the party had a small profit of about $82.11.

The pop cooler in the club house is useless now that we do not serve beverages. Paul Proudfoot has a small freezer that might be available. There was general agreement that appropriate removal of the cooler take place.

BIRT on a trial basis for the 2008 season the club parties be consolidated to one on the Civic Holiday weekend

Moved John Wood Seconded Paul Proudfoot Carried

Paul Buttinger noted that if it was useful he had access to a World War II cook tent.

Harbour Masters:

The impact of the Sieche was reviewed. Paul thanked those who assisted with the boats and docks. A discussion took place about planting bollards to permit better tying off of the boats to resist a sieche.

Renzo indicated that he would investigate the availability of bollards.

Elections: At this time there is space for a director at large to be appointed. If any member of the Board is planning on retiring please contact the Secretary well before the Fall General meeting


BIRT the meeting adjourn

Moved Paul Proudfoot Seconded John Wood Carried

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm