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Pine River Boat Club
Director Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2003
At the Lurgan Beach Clubhouse of the Pine River Boat Club

Attendance: 8 Members

The meeting was addressed by Janet Cress on the duties of officers and the desirability of an orderly progression through the Flag Officer positions.

The success of the operation of the Fairway buoy was noted. The Fairway Buoy was removed last Fall by the Kincardine Rescue Unit. A motion was passed making a donation of $100 to the Rescue Unit.

The post centered in the south side person entry has been vandalized by removal. After discussion it was noted that Rick Elliott would be asked to reinstall the post, this time with a cement base.

The Treasurer reported on the dues received by May 3 and that the Bank Balance. The Treasurer will make contact with those members who had not submitted their fees.

The transfer of a membership from father to son was approved and the Secretary will make arrangements for the transfer of shares.

A member requested a change in membership status from Social to Regular. The change with no additional cost was approved subject to the term of the Social Membership only having been one year. If the Social membership was greater than one year an initiation fee would be required.

A Director suggested the club have a wish list in order to plan for the future. Extensive discussion followed. It was noted that there must always be sufficient funds to permit us to do the necessary dredging. The Commodore requested the Vice-Commodore investigate a list of appropriate future projects.

A report on insurance was provided detailing the liability and property insurance held by the club. A discussion followed concerning our liability regarding social events that we host. A motion was passed providing direction to the Fleet Captain regarding social events.

It was reported that the Channel is narrow but has a depth of about 4 feet. Assistance was requested to put in the channel markers on May 4. Bill Kempton removed the dredging material but has sent a bill for $1000.

A pipe has burst in the kitchen over the winter. Thanks to Peter and John for fixing the door.

New flags are required. The Vice -Commodore was authorized to purchase up to 10 new large Club flags and up to 50 club pennants

A request was made that directors meeting be held on Sunday’s.

It was suggested that the club consider an event at the community centre in a future year, possibly as a fund raiser.

A new member has requested a space on the North side. It was noted we have spaces on the south side and a waiting list on the north. The member will be added to the waiting list.

Congratulations were given to Barry Cress for the outstanding site he has created. Barry Cress raised the issue of what might not be appropriate to have on the site. It was agreed that the only financial information should be the fee schedule. The minutes would not be posted but the secretary would provide a summary for the site. A list of the general membership should not appear on the site. It was suggested that information about “table rock” should be added. Barry Cress volunteered to update the club letterhead.

An up to date e-mail address list would assist the club. The attendance sheet at the next General meeting will include a space for e-mail address.

Discussion occurred on how to update-create a list of members boats in the river.

It was requested that the property maintenance include reducing the height of the dogwood on the North shore to assist with visibility when preparing to leave the harbour. It was also requested that there be a cleanup of brush near the cemented area on the south side to permit more parking of day trailers. There is also a need for a replacement garbage can. Discussion of placing a picnic table on the South side was left at on using one of the old ones.

It was mentioned that there is consideration being given to having our own power on the south side.

A considerable discussion took place concerning a possible “fish station” on our property. Issues raised included convenience for members, possible smell or other pollution, whether this would solve or increase problems. The Board chose to take no action.