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Pine River Boat Club
General Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2003
At the Lurgan Beach Clubhouse of the Pine River Boat Club

Attendance: 38 Members

The Business Arising from the previous minutes included:

a) the walk in gate on South side - a post had been placed in the gateway last Fall but it was removed by vandals. Rick Elliott was been requested to cement the post in place.

b) sludge pump - There is no immediate need for the pump. If the situation reoccurs a pump is available on loan at no cost to experiment with sludge removal.

c) light on pole on Victoria - Rick Elliott will take care of this request.

d) Disposal of dredging material - The material was removed by Bill Kempton at a cost of a little over $1000 and given to the local Anglican cemetery.

e) P.C.O.C. Seminar and Testing - A seminar will be available at no cost at the club house on June 22 at 10 am. and there will be an opportunity to challenge the test at the club house on Sunday June 29 at 2 pm. Persons wishing to study may use the government booklet “Safe Boating Guide” or at $20 a book from CPS. There will be a charge for the test. The test may also be available during the summer by contacting Gord Cale.

f) Hydro on the south side - Initial investigation suggests the cost of placing a hydro line under the river would be about $7000.

The Treasurer made a detailed report:. Paul Proudfoot asked what the cost of a full dredge was last year. It was reported that the dredge had cost approximately $50000.

Vice Commodore, Paul Proudfoot noted that the club was purchasing a supply of pennants and club flags that would be available. He asked new members present to stand and introduce themselves. He indicated that he intended to pursue a mission statement for the club.

Rear Commodore, Renzo Marcone thanked Janet Cress for standing in for him at the May 3 Director’s meeting. He noted that there had been a problem with the pipes freezing last winter and thanked John Nolan and Peter Palubiski for their help with the plumbing. Renzo has surveyed the channel and the shallowest spot appears to be about 3 feet at a point across from the north ramp. He plans to ask Rick Elliott to see about removing the shallow spot. Otherwise there appears to be 4 to 5 feet in the channel although it is quite narrow. There is a waiting list on the north side for docking so if anyone is not planning on putting in their dock please let him know soon.

In the absence of the Fleet Captain Paul Proudfoot made a report. Paul asked for people to indicate their willingness and interest in assisting at the summer parties on a sheet by the door.

Janet Cress reported for South Harbour Master Herb Millard that the south side was staked and that was plenty of space available. Renzo Marcone read a letter from the Anglican Church Board thanking the club for providing the fill from the dredging.

Newsletter Editor and Web Master, Barry Cress asked members to provide their e-mail address as it keeps costs down. It was noted that it was important to print clearly as e-mail does not permit address errors. Barry was again thanked for his excellent work on the web site.

In new business a member expressed concern with young people using the club property and tables for bike ramps. He also noted as a neighbour to the club having lost a window. Members should watch for this behavior.

Several members raised the desirability of the club installing a fish cleaning station. It was suggested that a garborator that fed into the septic system would be a possible arrangement. Some members were concerned about the odors and potential mess that could come from a fish cleaning station. It was noted that the issue had been discussed by the Directors and the relevant portion of the Directors’ meeting minutes was read. A motion was passed asking two members to research and report to the Fall meeting on the feasibility of a fish cleaning on the Pine River Boat Club property. Members with an opinion on this issue may wish to make a special effort to attend the Fall meeting.

It was reported that the channel buoys are being replaced with larger buoys and they will be coloured Red and Green. A member was authorized to obtain a quart of florescent paint.