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Pine River Boat Club
Director Meeting Minutes
Sunday August 24, 2003
At the Lurgan Beach Clubhouse of the Pine River Boat Club

Richard Heath, Paul Proudfoot, Renzo Marcone, Dave Hyman, Gordon Cale, Barry Cress, Dan Sevcik
Regrets: Liliane Nolan,
Absent: Tom Cale, Peter Palubiski, Brad Matheson, Clare Newell, Tim Johnson, Herb Millard

1) Meeting called to order at 2:10 pm

2) Richard Heath in the chair

3) Minutes of the Previous Meeting

D03-008 BIRT the minutes of the May 3, 2003 Directors meeting be approved.
Moved _Gordon Cale_ Seconded __Dave Hyman_- _Carried_

4) Communication
The Ontario Government Corporate information request was circulated and Directors were given the opportunity to make corrections.

5) Treasurerís Report: A report was circulated by e-mail prior to the meeting.

D03-009 BIRT the Treasurer be requested to investigate maintaining a float amount in the current account and move any additional funds other than those already in a GIC to a renewable 30 day term deposit.
Moved _Gordon Cale_ Seconded _Paul Proudfoot_ -_Carried_ (action Treasurer)

The Commodore, on behalf of the Board, requested the Treasurer provide a breakdown of the miscellaneous category and remove that category from the report in future. (action Treasurer)

B03-010 BIRT the Treasurerís Report be approved
Moved _Gordon Cale_ Seconded _Renzo Marcone_ - __Carried_

6) Business Arising from previous minutes

a) Fish Station- An extended discussion took place on the issue of a fish station being created. A consensus supported no action being taken until there is a clear indication of costs, and expected levels of use. It was felt that the information once reported should be circulated to all members before a decision is taken. There was concern that a potential major cost, of use to a minority of the members should not be paid for from general club revenue.

b) South Side Power. Gordon Cale was asked to investigate the use of a solar power system for power on the South channel range markers. (Action Secretary)

7) Officerís Reports
a) Commodore - Progress

b) Vice Commodore
check list of duties for Fleet Captain: done

pennants and flags: These have been ordered and should be available in September.

list of appropriate future projects: Paul noted the following needs
a new barbecue - action under Fleet Captain
a cover for the patio- Gord Cale was asked to assist Paul Proudfoot in investigating the costs associated with a fabric cover over piping

mission statement: Paul will e-mail Directors asking for suggestions for a mission statement.

c) Rear Commodore
clean up on south side and garbage can: done

South side person entry post: done

Flag pole on the South side: Barry Cress noted a concern that the pole on the South side needed to be replaced. The Commodore directed that the Rear Commodore act to replace the pole with an aluminium pole before the Spring. (Action Rear Commodore)

Dredging preparation: The difficulties arranging for small dredging requirements this year were discussed.

D03-011-BIRT the Rear Commodore be authorized to arrange, in cooperation with another Director, for necessary dredging in the Spring by the end of the first week of May at a cost up to $7500.00 without prior reference to the Board. The Rear Commodore is also directed to make initial arrangements prior to the end of November.
Moved _Paul Proudfoot_ Seconded _Renzo Marcone _Carried (Action Rear Commodore)
d) Fleet Captain
D03-005 liquor license: No liquor was served by the club at the Civic Holiday Barbecue or will be served at the Corn Roast.
Civic Holiday Barbecue- a financial report was provided showing the event essentially broke even. (Attached to official minutes)
Corn Roast: Corn husking at 2pm all welcome. Directors were asked to arrange for a door prize if possible.

D03-012-BIRT the Fleet Captain be authorized to purchase for club use, 3 sets of kitchen/barbecue implements, a gas barbecue including tank, and a bean cooker for a total amount not to exceed $500.00
Moved _Dave Hyman_ Seconded _Paul Proudfoot_ Carried (action Fleet Captain, Treasurer)

Dave Hyman was congratulated for a well run Barbecue

e) Harbour Masters
Herb Millard has requested that he be relieved of the job of South side Harbour master. The Commodore asked Paul Proudfoot to survey Clare Newell and Brad Matheson, for interest in taking over the job. If they are not interested then Barry Cress will accept.

Reflective Tape: The fluorescent paint on the channel Range markers is degrading. It was suggested that reflective tape would provide the maximum improvement. Dave Hyman indicated that he had a source. Dave was asked to investigate. (Action Fleet Captain)

f) Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
minute summaries have been provided and posted.

letterhead has been created in a Word format and will be distributed to flag officers. (Action Newsletter Editor)

Table Rock GPS will be added to the site.

g) Secretary
The process of obtaining e-mail addresses had a limited success. The request will be renewed at future meetings.
As a result of a member requesting a copy of the minutes of the Spring General meeting the secretary will offer to send the minutes to any member who requests them and provide an accurate e-mail address. This action was supported by the Directors.

8) New Business

a) The Fleet Captain provided a proposal for an upscale event on the Civic Holiday Saturday. Copy of the outline attached to the official minutes. An extended discussion took place. In general the advice was to focus on participation by members and limit the complexity of the event.

b) A request for information was received in order for there to be a quote on Directors and Officers Insurance. Doubt was expressed as to the need for the insurance. Dan Sevcik will investigate further. (Action Dan Sevcik)

c) An incident was reported of a gate key having been loaned to a non member who then loaned it to a further non member. After discussion it was decided to report the issue to the Fall meeting with reference to the seriousness of the issue.

d) Concern was expressed with the attendance at this meeting. The Secretary was requested to ask for an RSVP when e-mailing the meeting reminder.

9) Adjournment

D03-013-BIRT the meeting adjourn.
Moved _Renzo Marcone_ Seconded _Paul Proudfoot_ Carried

The meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm. The next meeting will immediately follow the Fall General Meeting

Secretary Pine River Boat Club