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Pine River Boat Club
Director Meeting Minutes

Sunday August 31, 2003

At the Lurgan Beach Clubhouse of the Pine River Boat Club 


Richard Heath, Paul Proudfoot, Renzo Marcone, Dave Hyman, Gordon Cale, Liliane Nolan, Tom Cale, Peter Palubiski, Dan Sevcik, Barry Cress, Herb Millard
Absent: Brad Matheson, Tim Johnson, Clare Newell

1) Meeting called to order at 12:00 noon
Commodore Richard Heath in the chair.

2) Commodore’s Remarks: The Commodore expressed his pleasure at the turnout at this meeting

3) Appointment of Officers

D03-014-BIRT the Flag Officers remain in their current offices until September 2004.
Moved Gordon Cale Seconded Paul Proudfoot Carried

4) Other Business:
a) The Secretary was requested to send a reminder of general meetings to all members who have provided an e-mail address. (Action Secretary)

b) The Septic tank failed to operate property at the barbecue. The Rear Commodore was directed to see to a pump out and further investigation as necessary, (Action Rear Commodore) The Secretary was directed to review the company records to discover the location of the septic tank and weeping tiles. (Action Secretary)

c) The club requires a lawn hose to provide water at the corn fire.
D03-015-BIRT the Vice Commodore obtain a hose for use at the clubhouse for an amount of about twenty dollars.
Moved Paul Proudfoot Seconded Dave Hyman Carried

d) Peter Palubiski raised two issues. First he thought we should be having a work day in the Spring particularly for cleanup. Dave Hyman noted that the Point Clark Beach Association was holding a beach cleanup on June 27 at 10 am and we might tie into that.
Second Peter raised a concern about the number of dock in the river that were floating docks contrary to the club rules. A significant seiche occurred in the river turning over a floating dock in the past week. The matter was referred to the Harbour Masters.

5) Adjournment
D03-016-BIRT the meeting adjourn.
Moved Renzo Marcone Seconded Dave Hyman Carried
The meeting adjourned at 12:38 pm

The next meeting will be at the call of the Commodore.