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Pine River Boat Club

Fall General Meeting Minutes
Sunday August 31, 2003

At the Lurgan Beach Clubhouse of the Pine River Boat Club

Attendance: 22 members

1) Meeting called to order at 10:32 am
Richard Heath in the chair

2) Commodoreís Remarks: The Commodore introduced the members of the Board of Directors. He noted that all the current Directors had indicated a desire to stay so there would be no elections until next year.

3) Minutes of the Previous Meeting: The minutes of the previous general meeting were read. The minutes of the previous directorís meeting were read for information.

G03-005 BIRT the minutes of the September 1, 2002 General meeting be approved.
Moved _Gordon Cale_ Seconded _Ross Barnwell_- Carried

4) Treasurerís Report: The treasurer read the full report with details. In summary the opening balance for the year was 14,962.30. Total revenue was 21,441.64 and total expenses were 6,276.03. The balance at the Fall meeting was 37,879.95 including a 7,500 GIC and the interest on the GIC.
The Treasurer has acted on the direction of the Directors and detailed expenses previously in a miscellaneous line. The Treasurer is preparing to act on the motion to establish a rolling term deposit.

B03-006 BIRT the Treasurerís Report be approved
Moved _Liliane Nolan _ Seconded __Dave Hyman - _Carried_

5) Officerís Reports
a) Commodore - expressed thanks for the well run barbecue

b) Vice Commodore - Paul asked new members to stand and be identified -New flags will be ready to be put up in the Spring.
-Work is progressing on a mission statement which will be useful in prioritizing a wish list.
- Dan Sevcik was thanked for providing the outside power outlet by the North door

c) Rear Commodore - Progress

d) Fleet Captain - There were about 225 people at the corn roast. The corn roast had a net profit of about $25.
- People attending the corn roast were asked what kind of activities they would want at the civic holiday event next year. Dave reviewed the suggestions. Any childrenís activity would be open to any local children.
- Dave reviewed the decision to not serve alcoholic beverages at the parties this year. Beyond the difficulties in getting a permit, the decision had the advantages of less cleanup, less work, reduction of liability, while the party still broke even.

e) Harbour Masters- Renzo Marcone indicated there was no space available on the North side and there was a waiting list of 4.
- Herb Millard indicated that there was a need for the Harbour Masters to have more authority. Extensive discussion followed. The Secretary indicated he would take on the task of consolidating club motions in a document that could be referred to by Harbour Masters and distributed to members.

B03-007 BIRT that Barry Cress be appointed the South side Harbour Master and Dan Sevcik be appointed the North Side Harbour Master as of this date.
Moved Paul Proudfoot Seconded Herb Millard Carried

f) Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
- Barry Cress indicated cards for the web site were available. He reinforced the utility of e-mail addresses and asked that they be provided. He also indicated that he would be taking down the flag pole on the south side this weekend due to the condition it was in. The GPS for table rock would be established this weekend.

6) Business Arising from the previous minutes.
a) Hydro on the south side - Gord Cale indicated that he was investigating a solar powered alternative for the range lights.

b) deck cover - The Board is investigating the cost and feasibility of creating a tarp covering for the patio.

c) gate key issue - Paul Proudfoot reported on an incident that occurred in the river this year regarding a key found in the possession of a non member who had borrowed it from another non member. An extensive discussion took place. The importance of members not lending out their keys was affirmed. A variety of suggestions were proposed to discourage this behavior including, removing the key, sending a registered letter, invoking the discipline articles, insuring the gate is locked, reminders in the newsletter.

B03-008 BIRT the Club buy a club sticker of a different colour each year for distribution to members for placing on their boat.
Moved Liliane Nolan Seconded Gordon Cale Carried

d) Fish Station - Dave Hyman and Howard Madill asked for an extension of their report on a fish station. The time would be used to survey members as to possible level of use. They were asked to report to the Spring Directorís meeting.

7) New Business
a) Dave Hyman requested the cub consider appointing a member to work with the beach associations on environmental issues.

B03-009 BIRT the Pine River Boat Club provide a designate to sit on a steering committee too focus on environmental issues.
Moved Dave Hyman Seconded Dan Sevcik Carried

B03-010 BIRT that Herb Millard be appointed as out environment designate.
Moved Paul Proudfoot Seconded Dave Hyman Carried

B03-011 BIRT the meeting adjourn.
Moved Paul Proudfoot Seconded Herb Millard Carried

Meeting Adjourned at 11:52 am
Next Meeting 10:30 am May 23, 2004

Secretary PRBC